prevNext Extras Add-on for MODX

What’s prevNext?

PrevNext is an add-on for MODX. It will add feature previous and next to your MODX. This feature is common and useful for MODX users, but don’t worth the time to develop and debug. With PrevNext add-on, just few click, you can add previous and next easily.

MODX is a powerful CMS widely used by web developers. With MODX, develop a website or web application will be super easy. You don’t need to know much about coding, MODX will do the dirty job for you.

What’s add-on?

If MODX is a software, add-on is like a module for it. MODX is a open source software, you can change and use it according you need. However, it can’t fulfill all your needed. If you need a feather it don’t include in it package, you may need to develop yourself. Lucky for you, MODX encourage developers all over the world develop add-ons and put it on the Internet. You can install the add-on for certain feathers instead of develop yourself.

How to download prevNext?

The latest version of prevNext is 1.0.1, you can download it at:

You can always check this link for update.

How to install this add-on for MODX?

You can install this add-on via MODX package management or install it manually. If you want to install it via MODX package, just log into your MODX, click extras button, select installer. Browse to find prevNext or just search for it. Choose install prevNext and follow the instruction.

The second way to install it is download prevNext from above link, right click it and choose install.

How to enable prevNext?

Here is the code you needed for add previous and next to your MODX after install prevNext:


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